Non-immigrant Visa

Temporary visas (also known as "non-immigrant visas" or "NIVs") are for those who wish to stay in the United States for a short period of time before returning to their home country. It allows for specific activities, such as tourists/visitors or certain types of work. Temporary visas are not green cards and will not put you on the road to obtaining a green card or citizenship.

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The most common forms of non-immigrant visas are issued to travelers, students, business visitors, and temporary workers. There are 26 other types of non-immigrant visas for:

Working ProfessionalsFiancé(é)s of U.S. citizens
Athletes, entertainers, fashion models, and artistsTreaty traders and investors
International cultural exchange visitorsHealth care workers
Ship crewmembersReligious workers
Foreign journalists and other media representativesNATO representatives, resident members, and staff
Trade visas under NAFTAIntracompany transferees
Foreign government officials, such as ambassadors and diplomatsForeign government officials, such as ambassadors and diplomats

Additionally, spouses and unmarried minor children may also be issued non-immigrant visas to travel with the principal visa holder to the U.S., however it is best to apply for the spousal and/or child visa(s) as the original visa.

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