Immigration Law

With years of experience in helping clients effectively manage their legal immigration and understanding of the frustrating, lengthy and confusing process, attorneys at Obris Immigration Law Firm are a reliable source of advice and support. We are committed to making every immigrant’s employment and residence journey as smooth as possible.

We Handle a Wide Range of Immigration Matters

We can help you whenever you need to deal with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency that monitors all immigration-related matters. It's important to address these with the help of experienced attorneys to avoid further complications in the process. You need someone familiar with the complex legal systems and networks that can easily navigate through the immigration policy.

At Obris Immigration Law Firm, you will find experienced attorneys with years of immigration policy experience. We will guide you through all stages of the immigration process and assist you in petitioning, application, and hearings.

We Stay Updated on Evolving Immigration Laws

One aspect of the U.S. immigration system is that it constantly changes. Making it more complicated, USCIS frequently updates guidelines, procedures, and forms. To ensure that our customers receive the most effective representation, our team keeps abreast of all these changes and knows to look out for them for each immigration case.

We Avoid Mistakes on Your Visa Application

As you may know, the United States imposes strict requirements on the visa application process. Even minor application errors can lead to unwanted delays and rejections. You can avoid costly mistakes by having an immigration attorney help you complete your application.

We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate the complexity of the application process and resolve issues before they occur. In addition, we can strive to understand your situation accurately and gather the necessary evidence to support your eligibility.

Contact for Consultation

If you need expert assistance in obtaining or renewing your immigration status, then contact Obris Immigration Law Firm. Our attorneys have years of experience in successfully representing clients in various immigration cases.

We provide state-of-the-art case management technology and are backed by old-fashioned personal services. We have reliable skills, resources, and experience to provide excellent and affordable immigration services.