Employment-Based Immigration

For many people living and thinking about working in the United States, getting a green card is often the primary and most pressing goal. A green card seems irrelevant, but it refers to an identity card provided when an individual gains legal permanent residence. Permanent legal residence is one of the only ways to bring certain benefits and become a citizen.

The Premium Processing Service

There are various paths through which immigrants may obtain legal permanent residence and a green card. Generally, there are two ways to get a green card. The first is to obtain a green card through a family-based visa procedure. The second common method is to obtain a visa through employment or work-based immigration.

The visa you apply for is guided by personal achievements, work, and professional qualifications. There are five kinds of employment-based visas in the United States:

  • EB-1 visa
  • It is for priority workers – Foreign workers showing remarkable abilities in arts, education, business, science, or other areas may qualify for a visa.

  • EB-2 visa
  • It is for professionals – Certain professionals holding advanced degrees and at least 5 years of experience is a candidate for an EB-2 visa.

  • EB-3 visa
  • It is for skilled workers – The EB-3 visa is offered to certain skilled workers and professionals.

  • EB-4 visa
  • It is for special workers – The EB-4 visa is offered to ministers, certain covered religious workers, and specific government employees.

  • EB-5 visa
  • It is for immigrant investors – The EB-5 visa offers a pathway to citizenship based on investment into a U.S. commercial venture. EB-5 is especially popular with investors from China and other countries where capital controls are in place.

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