Investment Based Immigration

U.S. law allows certain foreigners to benefit from investment-based immigration when investing in businesses in the U.S. economy. Work with an Investment Based Immigration Lawyer to simplify and speed up the legal process while reducing costs.

Can I apply for Investment Immigration?

You may want to know whether there is a suitable amount to qualify for investment immigration. But the answer is no. U.S. law is not particular about the amount of capital required to invest in companies that directly benefit the country's economy. The main priority categories for investment visas are EB-1 and EB-2.

These visas are for individuals such as foreign businessmen, investors, managers, and employees who wish to stay in the United States for extended periods.

Regardless of nationality, spouses, and unmarried children (below 21) can receive derivative E visas to accompany the main investment immigration applicant. The spouse of an E visa holder can apply for an employment permit to DHS. Dependent children of e-visa holders are not allowed to work in the United States.

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